Auto dialer products to watch out for in 2020

Auto dialers make life simple if you need to do cold calls. An auto dialer (or, auto caller) is a software or hardware that dials numbers automatically from a list. For this article, I will be exploring a few auto-calling solutions that could see higher uptick in 2020,

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Sales Calls 101: Getting Prospects to Say “Yes!”

A research report by Rain Group suggests that it takes approximately 8 calls or more to secure a meeting or to convert a prospect. No wonder this is one of the most daunting tasks out there for sales reps…how do you get from an initial touchpoint to a “Yes”. It takes patience and persistent efforts. Here are a few guidelines that should be helpful along the way…

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Turn your phone into a Call Center

GoDial turns your phone into a automatic calling machine. With an integrated CRM and Bulk Messenger, GoDial is the only tool you need to Supercharge your Sales.

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